Electric water distiller DE-10M

Electric water distiller DE-10M

Brand: Биомед

Model: ДЭ-10М

₴ 15.980,00 грн.

This unit ensures high quality distilled water production. Main components of the electric water distiller - the electrical and water distiller. All work is based that condenses the separated couple. First, the existing water flows into the evaporator and then heated tenam due to the boiling period. The consequence of this action is happening steam. The steam produced in the following way: separators passes and falls on the inner faces of the condenser, and then cooled with water from the mains and consequently condensed. The final result of this action - to obtain distilled water.

Productivity, l / hour.

10 ± 5%

Power consumption at rated voltage, kW

8.25 ± 10%

voltage Type

AC, three-phase


380 ± 10%

Current frequency, Hz


Weight, kg


Mass of product in the package, kg


Overall dimensions, mm


₴ 15.980,00 грн.
Trolley anatomical TAP

Trolley anatomical TAP

Brand: Завет

Model: ТАП

₴ 5.490,00 грн.

Trolley anatomical TAP  specifically designed for use in mortuaries and anatomical compartments. It is designed for the transportation of corpses, and its design can significantly facilitate the work of the staff of such institutions.

The product consists of a frame located on the wheelbase and stretchers. As the frame and the stretcher is made of a stainless metal alloy. The trolley has a special protective covers located in the base and the stand.

Structure equipped hydraulically by means of which the panel can be adjusted height. You can also change the position of the backrest, which is done by hand, by rotation of a special pen.

Trolley anatomical tPA has no cutting edges and sharp protruding elements that provides the maximum level of security.


The length of the panel


The width of the panel


Minimum height


Maximum height





Stainless steel

The weight


Carts of this model can be called the most comfortable due to their design features. The presence of the hydraulic drive and backrest adjustment function makes it possible to significantly reduce the volume of work and speed up their implementation.

₴ 5.490,00 грн.
Trolley internals universal TVK

Trolley internals universal TVK

Brand: Завет

Model: ТВК

₴ 3.310,00 грн.

Trolley internals designed for universal use in the medical and health institutions of various kinds. With its help you can realize transportation rather dimensional objects with minimal effort. The design consists of a base which is mounted on a wheeled base. There is a convenient handle for the construction and maneuvering. Along the edges of the base protective bumpers are installed to prevent falling objects transported from the base.

When creating trolley particular attention was paid to safety, so it does not have sharp protruding elements and cutting edges. Wheelbase comprises three wheels, one positioned directly below the handle and two in the opposite part of the structure. This feature greatly facilitates maneuvering in conditions of limited free space.

Manufactured product of a metal alloy. There is a powder coating paint.









metal alloy



Number of wheels

3 pcs.

Maximum load


The weight


The design is intended for household needs and can significantly facilitate the work of health care personnel.

₴ 3.310,00 грн.
Trolley for dirty and clean laundry TGB

Trolley for dirty and clean laundry TGB

Brand: Завет

Model: ТГБ

₴ 3.310,00 грн.

Trolley for dirty and clean laundry TGB refers to the auxiliary medical equipment category, used for household needs. Product design consists of a metal base in the wheelbase, which has a mesh basket, designed for storing dirty laundry, and two shelves, one of which has a mesh structure, designed to clean laundry.

The product is equipped with handles for easy maneuvering.

Metal profile colored non-toxic paint that is approved for use in medical facilities.

This truck is quite convenient, it is easy to operate and has a good capacity that allows for servicing a large number of chambers in a single pass.


trolley Dimensions


Dimensions of the basket



metal alloy


Non-toxic paint

Number of wheels

4 things.

Carts for linen have a long life. Their design excludes the presence of sharp corners and edges, which ensures the highest level of safety in their operation. These models because of its convenience, compact dimensions and high maneuverability are used in a variety of settings where service is required for the replacement of linen.

₴ 3.310,00 грн.
Apparatus for mechanical ventilation SV-300

Apparatus for mechanical ventilation SV-300

Brand: Mindray

Model: SV-300

₴ 498.316,00 грн.

On this site you can buy an inexpensive device for artificial ventilation SV-300. Cheaply order the device can be through the form on the site or by calling the phone numbers to our managers. Also there is an opportunity to visit our main office, which is located in the city of Kiev, Ukraine.

The device for artificial ventilation SV-300 is designed and specially designed for patients with problems and respiratory disorders. Due to its features, the device can be used by both adults and children.

This unit can be equipped with additional sets. Additional equipment may include SpO2 or SpO2 and a capnograph.

The basic kit is provided in a compact form, which has an inherent enhanced control of all vital human functions. There is an integrated turbine and the possibility to use the machine during transportation.

Purpose and features of the device for artificial ventilation of light SV-300:

v  The device is effective, as there is an invasive and non-invasive line of artificial ventilation modes. This feature gives the right to choose the right combination for different clinical situations.

v  There is a choice of the ventilation mode, which is necessary in the intensive care unit, which makes it easier to switch and excommunicate the patient from the device.

v  Also, the advantage is to give effective control of the patient's condition, to watch and monitor which easily from the screen of the device.

v  Cross contamination is minimized due to the possibility of autoclaving the breathing valve.

v  The patient's safety provides process control, intelligent alarms and multi-level microprocesses.

v  Presence of integrated and acoustic indicators.

v  The device is lightweight, compact design, the presence of a pen and battery.

v  It is possible to work with the device in gloves, this is facilitated by a modern interface and a touch screen.

v  The configuration of the display can be easily adjusted for each individual doctor.


Technical characteristics of the device for artificial ventilation SV-300:


Ø  Type: Turbine

Ø  Patient weight: From 3 kg

Ø  Screen: Color, touch 12 "TFT

Ø  V-A / C: Yes

Ø  P-A / C: Yes

Ø  V-SIMV: Yes

Ø  P-SIMV: Yes

Ø  CPAP: Yes

Ø  DuoLevel: Yes

Ø  Ventilation in apnea: Yes

Ø  NIV: Yes

Ø  PRVC: Yes

Ø  APRV: Yes

Ø  Trends: Yes

Ø  Options: EtCO2, SpO2

Ø  Compressor: No

Ø  Nasal cannulae with CPAP: Yes

Ø  Transportation: Yes

Ø  Warranty: 18 months


Complete set of delivery of the device for artificial ventilation of lungs SV-300:


• Apparatus for artificial ventilation of lungs SV-300;

•Power cable;

• Outline;

• One-time filter - 2 pieces;

• Inhalation set;

• Oxygen sensor;

• O2 hose;

• Ventilation mask (non-invasive) with fastening;

• Adapter for connecting the O2 cylinder with the device;

• Instruction;


• Copy of the registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;

• A copy of the UKRSEPRO Certificate of Conformity.

+ Complete SpO2:

• SpO2 cable;

• SpO2 extension.

+ Complete SpO2 and Capnograph:

• SpO2 cable;

• SpO2 extension;

• Humidifier;

• capacity for the humidifier;

• Demonstration light.

₴ 498.316,00 грн.
Pulse Oximeter SMS50C

Pulse Oximeter SMS50C

Brand: HEACO

Model: СMS50C

₴ 777,00 грн.

Pulse Oximeter Heaco CMS50C - a device which is used to measure the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin and pulse rate through finger. It can be used in everyday life, hospital, social medical organizations and other institutions.

The device is very tiny (weight of only 50 grams) and has a color 1.1 inch screen. SpO2 data measured in the range of 0-100%, and heart rate - 30-250 beats / min. In addition to the numerical values ​​of the pulse oximeter displays the pulse wave, and can display the parameters in the four directions. CMS50C controlled by just a single click and automatically shuts off if the measurement does not take place for more than 5 seconds. Powered device from the 2 AAA batteries.

Patient Monitor / Pulse Oximeter Heaco CMS50C for adults and children from 4 years.

CMS50C - compact, very easy to use and affordable.

1. A pulse oximeter;

2. Batteries type AAA - 2 pcs .;

3. Lace to wear;

4. Instructions;

5. Warranty;

6. A copy of the registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;

7. A copy of the certificate of conformity UkrSEPRO.

Attributes of the pulse oximeter

Display Size 1.1 "

Display Type LCD

Saturation (SPO2),% 0-100

Pulse beats. / Min 30-250

No perfusion index

Use Adults and children

Power 2hAAA

PC Connection No

Warranty 6 months

₴ 777,00 грн.
Pulse Oximeter "BIOMED" BP-10M

Pulse Oximeter "BIOMED" BP-10M

Brand: Биомед

Model: ВР-10М

₴ 924,00 грн.


alarm boundaries adjustment function for SpO2 and pulse rate.

tone setting function of pulse frequency.

Changeable graphic display direction (pletizmograma histogram intensity pulse rate), depending on the direction of observation.

Convenient and easy to use.

Suitable weight, small size, for transporting string.

Low power consumption: can operate continuously for 24 hours on two new batteries type AAA.

Display warning about low battery

automatic shut-off function, if within 16 seconds, the device does not receive a signal, it automatically turns off.

1. Display Settings:

Type: 1.3 '', OLED, color, four-direction mapping.

2. SpO2 parameters:

Measuring range: 0% -100%.

Resolution measurement: 1%

Accuracy: 70% -100%, ± 2%; 0% -69% is not defined.

3. The frequency of the pulse parameters:

Measuring range: 25 beats / minute - 250 beats / min.

Resolution measurement: 1 beats / min

Accuracy: ± 2 beats / min

The intensity of the pulse rate: histogram display.

4. Setting alarms.

Alarm, Pulse signal: on, off.

Audible alarm setting range setting upper and lower limits for SpO2 and pulse rate.

5. Power Supply:

Power: Two alkaline batteries type AAA 1.5 V 600 mAh

Current consumption: 30mA

Indication of low battery: the presence

Running time: Two alkaline batteries AAA 1.5 V 600 mAh provide continuous use for 24 hours.

6. Dimensions:

Length: 64 mm

Width: 35 mm

Height: 34mm

Weight: 57gr. (Including 2 type AAA batteries)

₴ 924,00 грн.
Ultrasonic inhaler "Biomed" 402AI

Ultrasonic inhaler "Biomed" 402AI

Brand: Биомед

Model: 402AI

₴ 1.647,00 грн.

Ultrasonic inhaler "BIOMED" 402a is designed for spraying of drugs and their delivery to the respiratory tract of patients with bronchopulmonary diseases with the aim of effective treatment and rehabilitation at all stages of care.

Inhaler "BIOMED" 402a is intended for use in medical institutions of different levels, such as clinics, hospitals, sanatoriums,

Inhalers physiotherapy departments.

(Increased warranty period to 24 months, except for consumables)

Inhaler "BIOMED" 402a can be used for diagnostic investigations, including to obtain induced sputum, the introduction of radionuclides into the lungs (ventilation assessment), dyes (estimated clearance) and allergens (diagnosis of asthma) or preparation for bronchoscopy (bronchodilators, mucolytics, lidocaine), and others.

Spraying is achieved through high frequency vibration piezoelectric element. The fineness of the aerosol generated by ultrasonic inhalers, quite high, ranging from 2 to 50 microns., The drug is converted into an aerosol mist atomizing. Proportion aerosol mist diameter of 8-10 .mu.m are deposited in the mouth and nose, of 5 to 8 microns - in the upper respiratory tract and trachea, from 3 to 5 m - in the lower respiratory tract, from 1 to 3 micrometers - in bronchioles 0 5 .mu.m to 2 - in the alveoli.

At inhalation through the inhaler therapy "BIOMED" 402a eliminated the effect of "first pass" and a decrease of the drug activity in the liver, a high concentration of medication in the airways. The device has high performance capabilities prolonged use (at 4:00), simple and convenient to use.

Power inhaler

220 ± 10% V, 50 Hz

Power consumption, VA less than


The frequency of ultrasonic vibrations

1.7 MHz ± 10%

The maximum speed of at least razpyleniya

4 ml / min.

Capacity for small cup spray the drug solution

150 ml

Capacity largest spray cup for a drug solution

350 ml

Capacity water tank

350 ml

Set the time duration of procedures

from 0 to 60 minutes

Noise level less than

50 dB

The fineness of the aerosol

0.5 to 10 m (90% less than 5 microns)

The average size of the aerosol particles (MMAD)

5 micron


1.8 kg

Overall dimensions (length x width x height) mm 240h130h200

Contents of delivery:

     Inhaler - 1 pc.

     Mask - 2 pcs.

     The mouthpiece 2 pcs.

     Corrugated tube - 3 pcs.

     Handset for the treatment of rhinitis - 1 pc.

     Piezo - 1 pc.

     Check valve - 2 pcs.

     Connector for corrugated pipes - 2 pieces.

     Nozzle exit spray - 1 pc.

     Fuse 0.5A 250V (RF1 5 × 20) - 1 pc.

     Fuse 1.0A 250V (RF1 5 × 20) - 1 pc.

     Fuse 1.5A 250V (RF1 5 × 20) - 2 pcs.

     Large oscillating diaphragm - 5 pcs.

     Small vibrating membrane - 5 pcs.

     User Manual - 1 piece.

₴ 1.647,00 грн.


3D and 4D Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

3D and 4D Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

A typical ultrasound scan during pregnancy is visually recognized by the black background, grey blurriness, and little to no detail of the baby. This standard scan is related to the 2D (two dimensional) ultrasound that will only deliver flatter, black and white images.

Types of Defibrillation Devices

Types of Defibrillation Devices

Defibrillation, the introduction of electrical shocks in the heart to relieve normal heart rhythm in people experiencing a cardiac arrest or cardiac function is at risk due to serious arrhythmia (anomalies of the heart rate).

Who uses a medical scale?

Who uses a medical scale?

Medical scales are precise and precise bundles or digital scales that, together with the weight of the patient's body in pounds or kilograms, can also include options for measuring the height bar, total body weight (BMI), and USB interfaces, which allow you to measure the mass loaded into the computer . Medical scales include adult weights, children's scales, barium scales and wheelchair weights to weigh a wheelchair plus a user, and are most often used in health facilities, health clubs, rehabilitation centers and sports organizations.

What is an endoscope, species, application.

What is an endoscope, species, application.

Endoscopy is a procedure that allows a physician to look at the inside of the human body. Initially, the endoscopy was used only in the esophagus, stomach and colon. Now doctors use endoscopy to diagnose ear, nose, throat, heart, urinary tract, joints and abdomen.

4D Ultrasound Imaging: Worth the Hype?

4D Ultrasound Imaging: Worth the Hype?

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in what’s known as 4D ultrasound imaging. 4D ultrasound imaging differs from 2D/3D imaging as it provides live video streaming of the area being examined. To date, this technology is mostly being used to provide fetal keepsake videos. The practice, while widely considered harmless, may deserve a closer inspection.



Electrosurgery uses a medical device resembling a pen that produces a high-frequency direct current, creating sufficient thermal conductivity to break or "cut" the incision in the fabric, as well as tightening the cut (electrician) and reducing blood loss. Electrosurgery is used in hospitals, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers for procedures that include gynecological surgery, dermatological procedures and other surgical applications.